Commission Artwork by Maxine Sheaffer

Maxine Sheaffer is a professional artist and instructor.  She   graduated summa cum laude from Tyler School of Art with a BFA focus of Painting.


Prior to opening her public studio, Maxine focused her energies in teaching art to disadvantaged and struggling youth at a private alternative school for half a decade.


Founder of Art on Main, Maxine currently teaches children and adult classes, workshops, and creates her own work, as well as commissioned art from her studio in East Greenville.


Maxine is a realist painter with a love for portraiture and the heritage of traditional art practices from the Masters.  The combination of technical skill beginning with the construction of the surface, planning, sketching, glazing and painting along with the careful study of the individual, their character and heart reflected through their expression is what makes a portrait created by Maxine a keepsake for generations to come.


To learn more about Maxine's work or for information on commissioning a portrait, please see her personal website at:





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