ART Classes & Sessions

Instructor: Maxine Sheaffer, BFA, Tyler School of Art, Temple University; Private School Certified; Artist/Owner of Art on Main Studio

Learn to Draw and Paint Animals

6 weeks, 90 minutes, $139 

We are offering 2 different classes for your convenience: 


Tuesday Nights 5:30-7 PM: February 18-March 24th


 Thursday Nights 5:30-7 PM:  February 20- March 26th

Discount Opportunities:  $5 off Early Registration (Now until February 1st) per class that you sign up for!

Ages 7-16.  This class is appropriate for a mixed age group and the course work will be adjusted appropriately for individual needs.

Students will learn the foundation skills to draw and sketch a variety of animals in their correct proportions.  They then move on to their choice of a specific animal, that they wish to render in detail in preparation for a final acrylic painting of their own composition.  The course will be approximately three weeks of drawing and three weeks of painting.


Students are required to have a sketchbook for drawing, sharp pencils and a kneaded eraser.  They must also bring 3 printed photographs each of a different animal, full body, of their choice (decent quality color images from the computer on printer paper, one page per animal) for the first day of class.

*** Please do not drop kids off earlier then 5:25, class starts at 5:30.  Pick up is at 7:00.  Thanks so much!

Add-on classes:  If your child would like more time then the allotted class time to work, providing we have the availability, you may purchase an extra class during the next weekly class offering-- if they are attending a Thursday class, they may join the next Tuesday class.  Add-on classes are $23 each.

Note on illness or class cancellation:  All classes are a package deal regardless of attendance issues, however please do not send your child to class if they are sick!  You must call the studio to alert us that they will not be attending class the day of and (only) then will we offer you an alternative date if available, which would be the next class-- if Tuesday is missed, they would be able to join the Thursday class.  No shows /no calls forfeit the opportunity to join a makeup class.  Please keep in mind, that this is a courtesy that we are offering you.  The classes are a package deal regardless of your attendance issues, we do not owe you a makeup class, we are kindly offering it if the opportunity is available.

Registration Info:  Please call in  to reserve your child's space with a debit/credit card deposit: (267) 377-5731.   A non-refundable deposit of half of the tuition must be paid at the time of registration.  *We will not hold a space until your deposit is paid.  The final half payment must be paid the first day of camp. This is a package deal, the full cost must be paid regardless of attendance issues.  

*We reserve the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment and will reimburse you your payment in full.

**Although we stand by our commitment to you, unfortunately there might be an unforeseen circumstance that calls for us to a cancel class, we reserve the right to due so at any time if needed and will reimburse/reschedule as needed.  



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